FrontRow Takeover: My Influencer Journey – By @daliadeee

FrontRow sat down with the fighting fit Dalia Abdelrahman (@daliadeee) to learn about her coming of age story as an influencer, what challenges she faces everyday and what she plans on doing next. Here’s Dalia:

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it” – Pretty obvious, right?  Honestly, everyone has heard this phrase more than once, but when you actually put this to use, literally ANYTHING is possible.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Dalia Abdelrahman, I’m a 20 year old Marketing student, Fitness Instructor, Football player, and micro-influencer. I never ever imagined myself to get to where I am today because 3 years ago I was pretty much the most unfit person in the room.

Phase 1:
At that time, I discovered some health issues that I was having, and health risks that I could face in the future. So I had to change my lifestyle within a few months… The bad news: I had to let go of what I love the most… Unhealthy food! But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Phase 2:
I motivated myself, got all the support from my family, and within six months I lost a few kilos, and had turned my whole life around. I was going to the gym regularly (and absolutely loved it!), and I ate all the right food. (I was obviously cheating every once in a while, too.)

Phase 3:
I loved the gym life, the football life, and I became one of those people who actually feel sick after having a “fatty” meal (woah). Who would have thought? Anyway, I was seeing people around me, who lack motivation to become healthier and fitter. I had the urge to help them, and share my story: IT IS possible, and not hard at all.

In the summer of 2016, my mom (shoutout to you) gave me the idea to take a PT course, so I can actually (and legally) help people. So I did.

Phase 4:
And it was that summer, where my Instagram journey started, too. I decided to post about what I do, hoping that people benefit from my content. I also wanted to show people how I progress, instead of just starting my Instagram journey when I’m already extremely fit.

After I received my certification as a Fitness Instructor, I took Instagram a bit more seriously and focused on putting out more content. I was gaining followers, views, likes and most importantly what I was hoping for: I inspired people. I received so many messages from people that I knew and didn’t know, telling me how much I motivate them. And this is exactly why I keep doing this.

I love being a micro-influencer, even though it can be a handful. Thinking of new ideas, captions, locations all so that people are getting interesting and useful content. But thankfully, my best friend (and manager) helps me out all the time, and I couldn’t do it without her.

However, the reward outweighs the hardship by tonnes. I’ve got to work with great brands such as PINK on fun campaigns. I’m also looking to graduating university and completing my level 3 PT certification. Ultimately, I’m doing this to help myself and others become fitter, faster, stronger. I currently have one solid, full-time client (shoutout to you girl), so I’m excited to get a few more.

So to everyone out there, who thinks something is too hard to do: “Anything IS possible if you put your mind to it.”

3 Top Tips to Prepare for Potential New Influencer Laws

3 Top Tips to Prepare for Potential New Influencer Laws

In today’s world, influencer marketing is growing at a high rate, and so are social media users. This makes influencer marketing EVEN more attractive for businesses that are looking for the best way to use their advertising budget. Influencers have become extremely powerful because they have built trust with their followers. Consumers can relate to them and follow their tastes, styles, and routines.

Since businesses have taken advantage of this powerful marketing tool, the commercialisation of organic content has led to increased legislation in Western countries. This is mainly due to two factors:

  • It is a form of advertising, and therefore needs to clearly state that, in order to avoid deceiving consumers.
  • This is a form of moonlighting since influencers usually have another form of employment.

The question is, will these laws eventually come to the MENA region? With a growing trend of influencers in the region, we could see the implementation of similar laws in the near future.

Luckily we have a few tips to prepare for the game change as an influencer in the region:

  1. Always use #Ad in the captions
  2. Offer a good variety of original and paid content weekly
  3. Take brand contracts more seriously

Remember, your followers are smart people – they follow you, so they must be (duh)! Honesty is the best policy and in the end you’ll  gain more respect and love from your followers. Following these few steps will only allow for a better relationship with your audience – laws or not 😉

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How good is your influencer campaign?

Your influencer marketing campaign is only as good as the influencer you choose to work with. Choosing the right influencer might seem a lot easier than you think. It is not just about the number of followers, or the number of likes per post; there’s a lot more to be considered. Here are some things that are essential to guarantee that your campaign will be a success and executed as smoothly as possible.


Does the influencer’s personality match your brand’s?

The influencer will be a representation of your brand and its values. They will be communicating to your customers-to-be. By carefully looking at the influencer’s profile, you can see what kind of person the influencer is, and how they deal with their followers. You should also analyze the influencer’s follower demographics with various online tools, in order to ensure that they are targeting the right customers you are looking for.


Is the influencer dedicated to his profile or blog?

Your influencer should be dedicated to their own brand in order to ensure that they will be dedicated to yours, too. Post frequency can help you identify how dedicated your influencer is. It doesn’t only say a lot about dedication, but it may also say a lot about the audience’s level of engagement. If the influencer does not post frequently, followers might not be very engaged either.


Does the influencer have an understanding of marketing and branding?

It is not necessary for an influencer to be a marketing/branding professional, but having a general understanding of these areas is certainly an advantage  for  your influencer marketing campaign. An influencer should be able to market their own brand and content well enough. If this is the case, it will be a lot easier for them to market your content effectively, too. This will add value to your campaign, and ensure that engagement is maximized.

There are many factors that have to be considered when analyzing your influencer-to-be. We’ve only mentioned three factors that we think are crucial for you to find your match!

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Three Main Types of Influencers for Social Marketing Campaigns

There are many types of influencers that are dominating the social media world. If your brand chooses to have an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to know which type of influencer best fits your campaign objectives.

Here are 3 types of influencers, and the benefits that they can bring to your campaign:


A celebrity influencer is the type that has the highest reach, and is known either regionally or internationally. If you’re looking for massive awareness about your brand, a celebrity will definitely help you achieve that. Their audience might be too broad, but they will still guarantee that you be seen. However, getting a celebrity on board might be very difficult due to their schedules, and of course costly too!



What does an authority influencer look to do? – creating value for his/her community. Authority influencers are known and followed for their opinion and expertise. This is why they will only work with brands that will add value to their audience and will be critical about the brands they work with. If you’re looking for a highly relevant target market for your influencer marketing campaign, we suggest that you collaborate with an authority influencer!



A very common type of influencer is the personal brand. They are people who have achieved fame through their social image/content; as a result they tend to be the most relatable. For content that truly resonates with a relevant audience, we recommend working with them to strengthen your brand’s followers and visibility.


There are many more types of influencers, however, these are the most relevant when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to achieve brand awareness or convince customers to go out and pay for your products, there’s the right influencer for you out there!

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Why a high following doesn’t guarantee success

It’s undeniable that influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most effective ways to persuade your target audience, with 71% of consumers saying they are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media recommendation.

But the question remains, how do you choose which influencers to work with?

The most common answer is simply to choose the influencer with the most followers and reach as many people as possible. However, this is also the most common mistake in influencer marketing, because number of followers alone doesn’t accurately measure the effectiveness of an influencer.

At FrontRow, we take a more in-depth approach, assessing influence based on three key parameters:

Three Rs.pptxREACH: The number of followers who have subscribed to the influencer.

RELEVANCE: The extent to which the influencer’s image, values, and target audience are aligned with your own.

RESONANCE: The level of audience engagement the influencer achieves with their content.

Each variable in this equation is equally important and focusing too much on any one piece of the puzzle will mean neglecting the other two. This is the most common reason behind failed influencer marketing campaigns and it’s exactly why reaching a high number of followers will not guarantee success.

The number of people you reach is no more important than who you reach and how you reach them. As a result, it’s a much more effective to reach 20,000 followers who match your brand’s target audience, than 200,000 who don’t.

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5 Reasons You Should Need Influencer Marketing

With 47% of millennials using adblock technology, brands are realising the best way to reach them is through content from sources they trust (Digital News Report). As a result, influencer marketing budgets are only getting bigger and bigger – and yours should too!

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons exactly why you need influencer marketing in year:

We’re the perfect region for it:

MENA has the highest level of trust in online consumer opinions over other global regions (Nielsen). 71% of those surveyed in the UAE would be interested in buying from a brand if their influencer endorses it. (BPG Cohn & Wolfe)

It has incredible youth-appeal:

A recent Goldman Sach’s study found that over one-third of 18 to 35 year olds look to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat for recommendations when making purchasing decisions. And the best way to be seen is to be endorsed by the people who run these platforms – influencers. In fact, 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTubers more than to traditional celebrities. (Google)

We need all the help we can get:

96% of people believe that the advertising industry does not act with integrity — 69% of these people attribute their mistrust to the advertisers’ desire to sell more effectively (IPSOS); A little positive brand association can’t hurt.

Everyone else is doing it:

Almost 60% of fashion and beauty brands have an influencer marketing strategy in place, while a further 21% plan to invest in it over the next 12 months (eConsultancy).

It really works!:

Brands that use social influencers are seeing up to a 10X increase in conversion rates (Content Marketing Institute). Customers who were acquired through social influencer efforts have a 37% higher retention rate (Forbes). In fact, most marketers (81%) that have tried influencer marketing find it to be effective (eMarketer).


It can be hard to find and connect with the right influencers. 59% of marketers say engaging with influencers is a challenge (eConsultancy). Enter FrontRow – the region’s first influencer networking platform, connecting brands with bloggers.

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How to Create Your Influencer Rates!

Influencer Marketing is truly a special form of marketing. ?

As the influencer, you are the strategist, creative team, model, media house, community management team and sometimes your own manager – all at the same time.

That’s a lot of work! ? So it makes sense that the most common question we get is “How much should I charge?”

Our answer is always this: it depends – on many things.

The FrontRow team have put together a list to help you figure out your rates. Know your worth by considering the following:

1. Analyse your numbers.
This includes your followers, likes, comments, shares, video videos and more. If you’re able to, see how well past collaboration content performed. A good tool to analyse your Instagram stats is Iconosquare. This gives you an idea of how successful your posts are.

2. Assess your creative cost.
This is about the amount of work that goes into creating a post. From the idea to copy to photo/video, estimate the time that it takes you to produce content from start to finish. Your rates should reflect this.

3. Consider your community management
Remember that it doesn’t stop there! Take into account how much time you spend sifting through, curating and responding to comments.

4. Review your overall strategy
Assess how this potential collaboration can affect your overall image/presence on social media. If you’re being approached by a brand that you love, you might consider charging less. If a brand is looking for a long term collaboration, consider the opportunity cost of partnering with the brand for that long and the other competitors you can’t work with.

5. Can’t figure it out? Ask around.
If you’re still stuck, ask your fellow influencers how they do it or reach out to one of our several experts at FrontRow – we’ll be happy to help.

At the end of the day, there is no empirical formula on how much you should charge.

Just like any business, it is relative to your content and your work. These are just a few things that you should think about when setting your rates.

There’s a lot that goes into what you do so don’t undersell yourself!

Charge appropriately! Because you’re worth it 😉

A Womans Worth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Grow your followers: Get some love from your audience!

If you haven’t noticed, today’s Valentine’s day. The day where everyone is sharing pictures of their loved ones! While they’re posting away, we’re here to help you form a stronger relationship with your loved ones – your followers.

Here are five top tips from the FrontRow love experts on how to keep your [follower] relationship fresh:

5. Don’t slack on the dates! #Datenight

Post regularly! Take a look at how some of the best of the best do it.

Many of them create schedules for their content so their followers know exactly when the next post is coming out – e.g. Iconic YouTuber Superwoman.

However! There is a difference between posting regularly and posting too often. Leave them wanting more!

4. Show them some love!

Relationships are a two-way street. Express some love in the comments section – whether it’s a shout-out or regular thank-yous, it’s the little things that make a difference 

3. Put in the effort!

Make sure your content is always on top of its game. But remember, it’s not all about the looks! Ensure each piece of content is of good quality in terms of aesthetics and purpose.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Explore your interests – change is good in any relationship. We encourage you to grow and take your content into a new direction. Maybe you feel like posting about your holiday or the new shoes you bought, trust me, they’ll love it.

1. However, remember it’s a REALationship.

Stay true to yourself. Exploring your interests doesn’t mean you have to become a different person. They follow you for you – so be yourself, no matter how famous you get . There’s nothing worse than when you don’t know them anymore …

And that’s it for today’s FrontRow [follower] relationship advice. Maybe read your love horoscope for the day to see what’s in store for you on this 14th of Feb 

Happy Valentine’s Day FrontRowers!

Samuel Steals Slippers!

We love looking at the world through Samuel W Turner’s eyes; that way it’s always perfectly-photographed. However, we at FrontRow Arabia find that his dapper-wear, delicious meals and stunning landscape shots aren’t enough – we want more. WHICH IS WHY we asked a few questions to get to know the man behind Fearsam.

with_samuelQ: At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

A: In Dubai, that would have to be Harvey Nichols. Pretty standard I know! Internationally, probably Size. That place should have a spending cap! One more thing I have to say is keep an eye out for Retrograde Concept Store (@retrogradedxb) – launching at Sole. I’ve said enough!

Q: What was your favorite toy as a kid?

A: Lego and a Playstation one. Also anything I could build with sticks in the woods back in England. High levels of danger more often that not correlate with high levels of fun!

Q: What was the first prize/award you ever won?

A: In primary school our football team won a whole host of trophies. My club team on the other hand was rubbish. I very quickly learnt how to be a good winner and a good loser!

Q: If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?

A: I would have to say 18. That’s the year I finished school and went off on a gap year – travelling round America. When freedom is so new to you you enjoy it most. I ticked a lot of things off the bucket list that year too!

Q: If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

A: Di Caprio. That’s and easy one. He’s the king. However, the clips on our youtube channel; FromThe971 pretty much tell the story of our lives anyway!

Q: What item do you have that you should probably throw away but never will?

A: Hotel slippers. Hear me out! It’s a weird thing to keep, but I always collect a pair from every hotel that I go to. I couldn’t even tell you how many pairs I have in the collection. The Burj Al Arab pair might just be the jewell in the crown though!

Q: Who is your favourite influencer? Why?

A: Casey Neistat. He’s a real influencer, he knows it and he uses his influence in a positive manner. The effort he put into his content alongside his skill level really amkes his videos a pleasure to watch. Aspirations!

Naomi Never Quits!

Naomi D’Souza; half Mechanical engineer, half internet icon. We can’t get enough of her incredible food and travel adventures around the Middle East. FrontRow decided to ask her a few questions to learn more about the woman who manages to balance it all.


Q: At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

A: Sephora and Virgin Radio Megastore. I can never have enough makeup or gadgets!

Q: What was your favorite toy as a kid?

A: Teddy Bears and mechanical tools. I have always loved the concept of having teddy bears around me ever since I was a child. I used to even play around with tools with my dad (as he is an engineer). That sparked the engineer in me and now I’m a Mechanical Engineer.

Q: What was the first prize/award you ever won?

A: Singing. I love singing!

Q: If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?

A: 23 (my current age) as my life’s currently going at a super fast rate and everything’s going exactly as planned. I am doing my Masters in energy, working full-time at IBM, handling my website and social media, working out, going for reviews and managing my personal life. Trying to be a tough cookie, getting noticed, meeting new people and definitely having fun 😉

Q: If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

A: My sister. She is the only one who knows me well enough to pull off that role. No one can be me 😉

Q: What item do you have that you should probably throw away but never will?

A: Clothes one size less. I always/still believe I’ll lose weight to fit into those clothes again. My Mamma didn’t raise a quitter you see! #LOL

Q: Who is your favourite influencer? Why?

A: Sazanbarzani; She started from scratch, went through several ups and downs and is now one of the most influential bloggers in the world. She is super down to earth, kind and has not let fame get to her head. She behaves like a normal girl and her relationship is undoubtedly #RelationshipGoals! I also love Dennistheprescott. He is one of my favourite food photographers/blogger. His photography is phenomenal and I hope I get to that level some day!